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Parents/guardians are requested to fully acquaint themselves with the criteria and procedure for admissions. The parents admitting the child/children will deem to have agreed to abide by this criteria and procedure of Roots School System rules pertaining to admissions. No appeal shall lie against it.


All prospective candidates/students seeking admission are required to fill ‘Student Registration Form SRF-001’ to register themselves, however, registration does not guarantee admission which is subject to the candidate’s clearing ‘Admission Assessment Test AAT-001’ and/or a subsequent interview as per the RIVY admission policy and rules. For more details on ‘Admission and Eligibility policy AEP-001’ and criteria please ask the admissions advisor by calling on +92 51 8314770, 5704401-2 or by visiting


All prospective students seeking admission must qualify the RIVY ‘Admission Assessment Test AAT-001’ and/or an interview. Moreover the prospective students must obtain a school leaving certificate or the progress and promotion report from the previous school/college to be eligible for admission in the next grade. The assessments are general in nature and are aimed to better evaluate the students’ suitability for the recommended grade and are only aimed to understand student academic needs and areas of strength and study support. The assessment shall be based on the general understanding and knowledge of the subject level for the grade he/she is seeking admission for. As a result of admission assessment/test and/or interview, where the student is not found suitable for the admission into the grade for which admission is being sought, and then the possibility of accepting him/her in any other grade will not be considered unless the student is re-registered and re-assessed for the particular grade. Moreover RSS reserves the right to accept or refuse registration or admission without assigning any reason. For inter board transfers, students are expected to obtain a ‘No Objection Certificate’ from the previous Board within Pakistan.


On acceptance, the student is issued a ‘Fee Bill’. Tuition and fees are payable in Pak Rupees for the full academic year or 12 calendar months (including June to August period). The following charges are included in the New Admission Fee Bill.

1 Registration Fee (Non refundable)
2 Admission Fee (Non refundable)
3 Security Fee (Refundable)
4 Tuition Fee
5 Information Communication Technology ICT Fee (where applicable)
6 Science Laboratory Fee (where applicable)
7 Annual Resource Charge
8 Student ID Card
9 Montessori Bag (where applicable)
10 RIVY Badge
11 Annual Year Book
12 RIVY Prospectus
13 Safety Fee
14 Library Fee (Refundable)
15 IB Registration Fee (Yearly)
16 Adv. Income Tax (as per Govt. of Pakistan Rules and Regulation) - If Applicable

NOTE: All admissions before or on 5th May every year shall be liable to pay the ‘Annual Resource Charge’ again in the following September in full. Annual Resource Charge is payable each year at the beginning of the academic year and shall paid in full at the time of admission irrespective of the joining date in the academic year. The charges cover stationery, art & craft activities and material, beyond the class room initiatives, Open Days, Photocopy of syllabi and learning materials, worksheets, student assessment paper, work plans, school examination, instruction material, Montessori apparatus, EPL Activities and In-house activities for the academic year.

a) The Tuition & fee are payable in advance on a Term/Semester basis, through the specified branches of a local bank. In view of constant inflationary pressures, the fees are subject to review from time to time.

b) Fee Bills are normally issued with a “DUE DATE” of 10-15 days. After the expiry of “DUE DATE” the Fee Bill can be deposited with the late fee fine which is charged on a daily basis, till the expiry of “VALIDITY DATE” which is normally 20 days from the expiry of the “DUE DATE”.

c) Students whose fees remain payable after expiry of ‘DUE/VALIDITY DATE’ are issued periodic reminders and ultimately the ‘Final’ reminder’, thereafter which the student’s name will be struck off the school roll and outstanding dues adjusted against security deposit.

d) Parents/Guardians defaulting on fees payment, run the risk of making their children/wards liable to being struck off the school roll. The security deposit of students is adjusted against their unpaid Tuition and Fee balance. In such cases, re-admission is subject to vacancy and repayment of both the admission fee and security deposit at the prevailing rates.

e) The security Deposit is refunded in full at the time of the ‘withdrawal’ of the student after completion of studies or otherwise provided that the student has paid all his/her dues and the school has no justifiable claim outstanding.


All parents/guardians responsible for guaranteeing payment of School Tuition & Fee will read and sign an undertaking for compliance with the School’s rules and policies as outlined in the RIVY ‘Prospectus’ and ‘Admission Form Pack AFP-001’. The School reserves the right to revise and make alterations to its rules and Policies at any point in time WITHOUT further notice;

Roots IVY International School shall provide an ‘Student Admission slip SAS-001’ or confirm admission to any student if the parent/guardian has submitted and duly signed the following documents included in the ‘Admission Form Pack AFP-001’ at the time of admission;
‘Admission Form Pack AFP-001’ is included in the RIVY Prospectus and (Includes Student Admission Form SAF-001, Tuition & Fee Policy TFP-001, Home School Agreement HSA-001, Student Code of Conduct SCC-001, School Uniform Guidelines SUG-001, Admissions & Eligibility Policy AEP-001, Parent /Guardian Undertaking)– duly completed, signed and submitted with the following documents;

1. 4 recent passport size colored photographs of the student
2. Student Form ‘B’ Copy and/or Copy of Original Birth Certificate
3. Copy of both Parents/Guardians CNIC (Pakistani Nationals Only)
4. Copy of last 2 pages of passport of the parents/guardians (Foreign Nationals Only)
5. Previous Original School Leaving Certificate
6. Copies of your child last School Report and Certificates

NOTE: Student shall NOT be allowed to sit in the classroom without submitting the Student Admission Slip ‘SAS-001’ to the Branch Head, School Manager or Duty Teacher on the first day of school/college. (It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to collect the ‘Student Admission Slip’ SAS-001 from the admissions office of the local branch)


If parents/guardians wish to withdraw their child from the school, ‘Request for School Leaving Certificate RSLC-001’ Form must be filled, signed and submitted to the School Office. Parents need to submit the Request for School Leaving Certificate Form before or on the 5th of every month or else the fee shall be payable for the next month as per the RSLC policy. (Please refer to ‘Request for School Leaving Certificate Form RSLC – 001’ for more details). The RSLC-001 shall be processed by the Head Office which may take a minimum of 7 working days from the date of application, subject to clearance of Tuition and Fees as per the RSLC policy and completion of Admission Record as outlined in the “Admission Form Pack AFP-001”.


i) If a student has not attended the school for a period of a term/semester, unless arrangements for such an absence have been agreed with the Branch Head in writing by the parent/guardian; and/or

ii) student fees have remained unpaid for two consecutive term or one semester;

iii) For students leaving mid-way, balance payment of tuition fee is not refundable.

iv) No refunds for any payments will be made if student is suspended on disciplinary grounds, and parent or guardian will be liable for paying up for any damages caused to the School property as per the student disciplinary procedure and/or as determined by the School management and shall not be required to give any notice before;

v) Student has failed in the same class for two consecutive years or, has failed to qualify for promotion on two different occasions in his/her school academic career.

vi) A student shall be deemed to be enrolled in Roots IVY International School RIVY until he/she has completed his/her normal education, having taken his/her final National and International examination (Matriculation/’O’ levels/IGCSE/’AS’ & ‘A’ Levels,FSC,FA), and all his/her dues with the School have been finally settled in which case he/she shall only be considered to be withdrawn after the outstanding fees/other dues (if any) payable up to the last month during which he/she appears for this/her last National and International examination paper, are fully settled. This is valid for students wishing to re-take exams or improvement of grades in any National or International Examination system including Cambridge, Federal, local and/or Edexcel Board.

vii) For returning students, all previous dues including any fines must have been cleared. Non-payment or underpayment of dues may result in suspension of enrollment, refusal to CIE/Edexcel/Matric/FSc exam registration, refusal to re-register and/or withholding of student records and progress reports.

viii) If the Student request for school leaving certificate received before summer vacations and after 5th May every academic year then the parent/guardian will have to pay the school tuition and fees in full up to last term, as at this time, school cannot admit any student as this is the examination term and seat will have to remain vacant till the end of the year and the school pays summer vacation salaries to the faculty and staff. (Please refer to ‘Request for School Leaving Certificate Form RSLC–001 for more details)
In case (i), (ii), (iii), (iv), (v), (vi), (vii) and (viii) above, the outstanding fees shall be adjusted against the security deposit paid to the School, and balance, if any due, shall be recoverable from the parents/guardian of the student.


Roots IVY International School offers inter-city transfer facility. A student is eligible to apply for Request for Inter Branch Transfer Certificate RIBTC-001, provided that:

a) He/she has completed twelve months or, at least one academic term, at the branch from which he/she is seeking transfer from.
b) He/she has cleared all his/her dues in the branch he/she studying and from which he/she is seeking transfer from; and
c) If a student qualifies for IBTC-001 transfer:

i. No admission fee and registration fee will be charged by the branch to which the student has been transferred to:

ii. In an event of student inter branch or inter city transfer, the security fee shall NOT be transferred to the region responsible, however there is no admission and registration charge in an event of inter branch or inter city school transfer within Roots IVY International School Nationwide.

iii. The differential in the security deposit amount in the new branch, to which the student is transferred to, will not be charged. The security deposit will remain the same as was deposited initially at the time of admission (If Any).

iv. Even if a student is eligible for an inter-city transfer, he/she shall only qualify for the same, subject to availability of a vacancy in the grade, qualification or tier in the requested branch. The decision of the relevant Regional Office or Regional Headmistress will be final in this regard.
If the student needs to be transferred to a different branch or city within the Roots IVY International School Network nationwide, then the student or parents/guardians must obtain an ‘Inter Branch Transfer Certificate Form IBTC – 001. (Please refer to ‘Request for Inter Branch Transfer Certificate Form IBTC - 001 for more details). It is however the responsibility of the parent/guardian to check the fee structure of the transferring school/branch.

The Inter Branch Transfer Certificate IBTC-001 shall be issued by the Regional Office and NOT the Head Office.
Note: Students are advised not to seek transfer in the final two years of their schooling, i.e classes IX and X (Matriculation), and the last two years of ‘O levels’, ‘IGCSE Levels’ and at any time in ‘AS’ or ‘A’ level studies, as it may hinder their academic performance and results. Also, in the case of Matriculation different Boards have different requirements. As Such, Roots IVY International School does not take any responsibility for the consequences resulting from transfers during the periods mentioned above.


The school may shift the premises of any branch of the Roots IVY International School to another location for any reason and the consent of the parents shall not be necessary in this regard, however an advance notice will be given to parents.


RIVY Tuition & Fees once paid by the parent/guardian is non-refundable in any circumstances, whatsoever, except the security deposit as per the RIVY tuition and fee policy.


No transfer facility to any other Roots IVY International School campus within the same city is offered.


1. Roots IVY International School RIVY academic year commences in August/September each year
2. Roots IVY International School Tuition and Fee is payable for full calendar year.
3. RIVY admission is subject to your acceptance of our terms and conditions as per the ‘Admission Form Pack AFP-001’ included in the RIVY Prospectus, signed and submitted thereof.
4. RIVY has absolute discretion to regulate the school curriculum, teaching methodology, syllabus, course books, work sheets, stationery and other teaching materials or resources in order to provide quality education to the student through its department of Quality, Curriculum and Teaching Standards Monitoring DQCTSM.
5. If as a result of his/her test and interview, student is not considered academically suitable for the admission into the class for which admission is begin sought, then the possibility of accepting him/her in any other class will not be considered unless the student is re-registered and re-assessed for the particular class by filling in a new student registration form SRF-001.
6. All details regarding registration/admission will be given out by the school individually.
7. The school does not have any responsibility on account of postal delays or consequences thereof.
8. The school reserves all rights of review and increase in the registration, tuition fee and all other fees, changes and deposits ancillary thereto without prior notice or consent of the parents.
9. No concession will be given to the students on account of the fact that there siblings (irrespective of the number) already enrolled in any branch of the school. RIVY does not offer any sibling discounts.
10. The school reserves the right to accept or refuse registration or admission without assigning any reason or notice thereof.


1. Children are admitted in the Play group on the first come first serve basis as seats are limited; however, admission in Montessori classes is open throughout the year to fill in any vacancy.
2. A child can be admitted from the age of 2years plus to 5years plus. Admission will be granted, subject to clearing informal interviews.
3. For Montessori classes an informal assessment is conducted combined with an interview with the Parents/Guardian. Generally, the reading ability of the child, vocabulary and recognition of words, concepts of colours and numbers is assessed. The confidence and development of motor skills and appearance of the child is also taken into consideration – how the child sits, walks and talks.
4. At the time of admission, an appointment is given for the parents to meet with the Head of the Montessori section. The child is assessed in an informal environment separately.
5. Both the parents must be present at the time of interview, failing which the admission cannot be processed.


1. The student will be assessed in 3 subjects: English, Urdu, Mathematics and/or Science besides taking into account the previous academic record. The pass percentage is 70% or above. Duration of each paper is approx 45 minutes. A break of 10 minutes is given between each paper as notified in ‘Admission Assessment Card AAC-001’ and more comprehensively on the ‘Admission Assessment Test AAT-001’.
2. For the written test, the student should come properly equipped with the required stationary i.e pencil, eraser, sharpener and ruler.
3. The ‘Admission Assessment Test AAT-001’ are not set from any specific textbooks or syllabus but are of a general multiple choice questionnaire design to test the aptitude of the child or his/her academic ability.
4. The child maybe exempted from the ‘Admission Assessment Test AAT-001’ if he/she has strong academic background and has shown outstanding result for the previous academic year. Original Result Card from the previous school is to be provided at the time of Admission/Interview.


1. The student will be tested in 5 subjects’ i.e English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology/Computers. Admission is subject to securing 70% pass percentage in all the subjects.
2. For class IX and X Registration Return Copy should be provided from the previous school.
3. Students coming from schools affiliated with Examination Board other than Punjab or Federal have to provide NOC from the respective board.
4. Original School Leaving Certificate SLC from a registered and recognized institute should be provided failing which the school does not take responsibility for registration of the student with the local examination board.


All students and applications for admissions into class 7th, 8th & 9th can apply for admission in Roots ‘O’ Level & IGCSE Level study programmes.
Students will be administered test in English, Mathematics, Science and/or Urdu in order to evaluate their academic abilities besides taking into account their previous academic record before being granted admission into the ‘O’ level or IGCSE Scheme of studies at Roots IVY International School.


All new students admitted in our system in class 7th, 8th & 9th have to follow the following scheme of studies.

• Roots offers both 3 year and 4 year 'O' level & IGCSE programme, depending upon the student academic background and subject to acceptance on the desired programme by the Admissions and Academic Advisor or Branch Head.
• Roots offer O levels /IGCSE through the Cambridge and Edexcel Board. (Please re-confirm with the local campus for more details).
• After completing ‘O’ level / IGCSE Scheme of studies, students are eligible for entry into all colleges / AS levels.
• Keeping in view the basic requirement of sound academic base and ability to understand a wide range of subjects, spanning the ‘O’ Level & IGCSE course to a duration of 4 years is unavoidable. Any shortcuts to this schedule will invariably carry the risk of your child ending up in lower grades in the first stage.


Cambridge AS Level examinations are usually taken at the age 17years and Cambridge A Level examinations at age 18years.
• A minimum of 5 passes is required in 'O' levels or 'IGCSE' level examinations to be eligible for admissions into the AS level programme at Roots College International (RCI).
• For students from Matric stream, a minimum of overall 'A' grade or 70% marks are required to be eligible for admission into the AS Level programme at Roots College International (RCI).
• If Students have already taken IGCSE’s or ‘O’ Levels from Roots College International then they will find many of the Academic skills they have already learnt relevant and beneficial to AS Level Study at Roots College International.


Full scholarship is awarded to a student securing 8 A's in 'O' or 'IGCSE' level
50% scholarship is awarded to a student securing 7 A's in 'O' or 'IGCSE' level


1. Application for admission is taken on prescribed school form Admission Form Pack AFP-001.
2. The grade or level for which the student is to be assessed is determined according to his/her age at the time of the ‘Admission Assessment Test AAT-001’ and not according to the age put down at registration.
3. A candidate can be rejected without being given a test if undue pressure is applied or if unfair means are restored to for the acquisition of admission.
4. In all cases merit is the criterion for admission.
5. The Admission Assessment Tests are not set from any specific textbooks or syllabus but are of a general design to assess the aptitude of the child for ‘O’ levels or IGCSE.
6. The assessments are not shown to any one; only results are communicated with the parents / guardian through ‘Admission Assessment Card AAC-001’.
7. Scholarship is subject to availability of scholarship quota seats reserved at RCI Campuses.
8. A candidate caught cheating during the test will be rejected.
9. A candidate rejected once will be given another chance in the same year. However, such a student may apply again the following year. If rejected in the second attempt, he/she cannot apply to RIVY the third time.
10. The decision of the school/College cannot be challenged in any way and will be absolutely final.
11. Scholarships for AS & A Levels are limited and are offered through the ‘Roots High Flyers Scholarship Programme RHFSP’ sponsored by the Founding Director Mrs. Khadija Mushtaq.

(NOTE: Roots IVY International School does not offer scholarship for ‘O’ levels or IGCSE course of studies or any other tier of its education system other than AS & A Levels subject to availability).