'As' & 'A' LEVELS

Welcome to Roots IVY International Flagship Campus

AS and A Levels

Roots IVY provides its students an exceptionally unique concrete foundation and helps them grow through a variety of challenges to become individuals with peerless intellect and skill.

Roots IVY is fully geared to meet the new challenges in different fields around the world. At Roots IVY, our aim is to create an environment that encourages each student to develop qualities of discipline, organization, motivation and the pleasure of working hard that makes them confident and capable members of the society. Roots IVY also provides the best international educational study programs and opportunities to prepare our young people to secure acceptances at the leading universities of the world for higher education.

Educational System

At Roots IVY, we place great importance on latest educational techniques, comprehensive classroom sessions and interactive learning system. Subject combinations are developed in accordance with the current trends for admission to local and international universities. For this, our educational techniques are being revised continuously, developing our curriculum and incorporating new technologies to keep our students updated with the latest international educational standards. As a result of this we produce exclusively outstanding individuals who go on for further study to world renowned universities in UK, USA, Germany, Canada, Australia and Pakistan.

Signing of MOU with German State Universities

One of our recent achievements is signing an MOU with Germany for our young Rootsians to receive free education in all fields such as Engineering, Medicine, Finance and Accounts etc. in Germany. We have also introduced the German Language Club for our students to learn the German language. Moreover, we provide opportunities to all students to pursue their career in future in the best possible way.

Role of Administration Staff

Our A Levels department has an experienced team of people which includes the Director and Academic Coordinators, who as student counselors guide you to the best possible advance study preferences available, both abroad and in Pakistan. However, the major role is played by our world renowned counselors. Every year a large number of our students are successfully accepted at the world's top most Universities with scholarships. The demand for highly skilled professionals continues to rise and Roots IVY is playing a significant role in bridging that gap.

Our team of career counselors can guide you to research programs, careers and universities, using our own online resources such as UCAS, US Common App and other links. The career counselors will help you with the application process to different universities in Pakistan and overseas. Some students visit foreign universities during the summer programs to get awareness about the learning environment and other opportunities, while other students visit universities within Pakistan as well. Our job is also to assist you in signing up for internship programs and volunteer work during summer vacations to gain practical experience and build on your resume.

Detailed and comprehensive help and guidance is provided by the college to the students in preparing their university applications, writing a college essay and filling up financial aid forms, if required. The entire process is overseen by the Director, who ensures efficiency in the application procedure. Moreover, we provide detailed and highly personalized confidential references along with the application and also assist you in preparing for the formal interview.

Every year in December and January at the time of university applications, our Director and administration staff work late till evenings to facilitate you to complete your documentation and meet the university deadlines successfully.

Roots IVY offers mastery of services to the students interested in acquiring foreign education to attain scholarships and admissions.

“A leader is not someone who implements his or her own ideas and delegates to others, but someone who gathers and then incorporates the ideas of the entire team to create something amazing”

Roots IVY has been distinct from day one:
“Enlarging the scope of higher education to meet the needs of the emerging middle class, embracing the urban energy instead of cloistering itself, valuing hard work and merit over contentment and connection and focusing on the future than fixing on the past; in these traits Roots IVY mirrors its vision”