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Roots IVY International School, in pursuance of the policies as per the student charter and as detailed in the school prospectus and home school agreement, seeks to achieve its objectives within an agreed ‘Student Code of Conduct’. If there is evidence that students have breached or broken the student Code of Conduct, the ‘Student Disciplinary Procedure’ will be applicable.

Misconduct is behavior that:

1. Interferes with the safe functioning of the School/College or of those who study, work or teach in the School/College, or
2. Otherwise damages the School/College or its reputation, and or
3. Constitutes a criminal offence

In the event of a serious breach, criminal misconduct, or where it is believed that the health, safety or welfare of others may be jeopardized by the continuing presence of a person or persons they will be suspended or withdrawn from the school/college admissions register immediately. In relation to the core activity of teaching and learning, students are expected to:

• Adopt a diligent and co-operative approach to all aspects of academic life and
• Accept responsibility in creating a supportive Roots educational community

Throughout their period of study with the Roots IVY International School, students are expected to abide by the student code of conduct which is based upon respect for individuals, teachers, management, race, culture, religion, background, property and the environment. The following actions, whether occurring on school/college premises or elsewhere, are examples of conduct which is not acceptable to the Roots IVY International School and may lead to instigation of formal student disciplinary procedures:

1. Conduct which constitutes a criminal offence e.g. assault, theft, fraud, deceit, deception or dishonesty.
2. Plagiarism, Violent, indecent, disorderly, threatening, abusing, intimidating or offensive behavior or language towards any student, teacher or member of administration and management
3. Social, racial or any other form of harassment is dealt with strictly.
4. Misuse, misappropriation, theft or damage of school/college property.
5. Action, likely to cause injury or to impair Health and safety procedures.
6. Action, likely to cause injury or to impair electrical, gas and fire safety procedures.
7. Failure to respect the rights of others to freedom of belief and freedom of speech.
8. Behavior which brings the Institution into disrepute. E.g. such conduct as abusive, anti-social or discourteous behavior, political activism in school or outside, inconsiderate noise or parking, disregard of the school parking code, causing litter and especially criminal damage to private property, school signs or vehicles.
9. Disruption of, or improper interference with, the academic, administrative, sporting, social or other activities of the school/college.
10. Obstruction of, or improper interference with, the functions, duties or activities of any student, member of staff, or visitor of the Institution.
11. Misuse or unauthorized use of school/college premises.
12. Failure to disclose personal details to a member of staff of Roots IVY International School in circumstances in which it is reasonable to require that such information be given.
13. Students found violating the school/college study time table.
14. Students found not wearing the school authorized uniform.(For more details please read ‘Student Uniform Guidelines SUG-001’)
15. Students must always show respect to the teachers, faculty members, members of school administration and management
16. Students must not interfere in the functioning of the morning assembly presentations and national anthem.
17. Students must not cheat in examinations, assignments, assessments or in course work. Any form of plagiarism shall be dealt with firmly.
18. Students must respect the property of other people and that of the School/College and its premises.
19. Students must not bring illegal substances onto school/College premises including drugs or alcohol.
20. Smoking is not permitted within School/College buildings, premises and parking areas and is dealt with firmly may lead to withdrawal from the admissions register without further notice
21. Students must not bring the reputation of the College into disrepute through anti-social behavior either on or off school/College premises and must abide by reasonable instructions issued by a member of the School/College's staff or administration.
22. Mobile phones are not allowed and are strictly forbidden within the school/college premises and buildings. In case of violation of school rules Mobile phones will be taken into custody by the Branch Head and a penalty will be imposed.
23. Female students must not wear heels, jewellery, bangles, nail polish, earrings, fancy accessories and other ornaments within the school/college premises. (For more details please read ‘Student Uniform Guidelines SUG-001’)
24. Male students must not wear cap, hat, unauthorized belt, bandana, boots and other fancy accessories within the school/college premises. (For more details please read ‘Student Uniform Guidelines’)
25. Individuals bringing vehicles, cars, motorcycles onto School/College premises must observe parking and speed restrictions and drive with care and consideration for others.
26. Students must abide by the IT Code of Practice and school/college Library Code of Practice.
27. Students must be punctual, latecomers will be fined and any Leave of absence (except in case of sickness) must be given in advance in writing to the Head of the Institution or otherwise the student shall be subject to ‘student disciplinary procedure’. Students coming late to school/College shall be issued ‘Roots IVY student conduct card RSCC-001’ and issuance of 3 conduct cards shall lead to the suspension of student for 3 days as in accordance with the student disciplinary procedure.
28. No student will leave school premises during school hours without the permission of the Branch Head.
29. No expensive jewellery, watches, electronic devices including laptops or i-pods, pencil cases, stationery items, lunch boxes are allowed to be brought to school. School will not be responsible for the loss of these articles.
30. Large amount of money should not be brought to school. The school will not be responsible for any loss of clothes, books, money or any other items.
31. Exchange of video DVD, CD, video games, audiocassettes, magazines books or any such gift item is strictly prohibited. No parcels, lunch boxes, books, stationery etc will be entertained by the school office during the school hours. All students must bring along all their items once they enter school in the morning.
32. Monthly progress reports, evaluation forms, assessment folders, progress charts and examination report cards that go home must be signed by parents and brought back the very next day. For loss of report card a fine of Rs. 500/- will have to be paid.
33. All notebooks used by the students must be with school monogram and are RIVY standard authorized notebooks. They are to be kept neat and labelled correctly.
34. Students must compulsorily take part in all co-curricular and extra-curricular activities organized by the school. These are especially designed for the overall educational needs and personality development of each child.

Behavior that contravenes the Roots IVY International School ‘Student Code of Conduct’ will be dealt with through the ‘Student Disciplinary Procedure’. Any conduct that constitutes misconduct against the ‘Student code of conduct’ will be regarded as a breach of the ‘Student Code of Conduct’ and will be subject to firm action by the school/college administration or Branch Head, which may lead to withdrawal from the admissions register without further notice.


I have fully read, understood and accepted the ‘student code of conduct’ as detailed in the RIVY Prospectus and RIVY Website, and I as the parent/guardian of the pupil agree to the standard terms and conditions of the ‘student code of conduct’ and shall not dispute with the school

Issued by the RIVY Head Office – DFIT.

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