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Roots IVY Thematic Montessori

Roots IVY Thematic Montessori is a unique, oldest and the finest Montessori school in Pakistan with dedicated Montessori directresses and fully equipped early learning approach for children. A child admitted into the Montessori section is nurtured as competent and influential individual. Each child is made to feel 'Wanted', 'Loved' in the environment irrespective of his/her ability level. The programme is based on the need of a child in a manner so as to nurture and enhance the child's achievements, interests and learning styles. The children are exposed to Practical life exercises which give them the opportunity to master the environment and self care e.g. pouring liquids. Sensorial materials such as Cube tower, color tablets and sound cylinders are designed to support the balanced development of all senses. Math material introduces children to one-to-one correspondence, numeration, sequencing of numbers, numeral place value and beginning arithmetic operations. In the language portion of Montessori curriculum children prepare for reading with a multi sensory approach including phonics and language experiences. They are also taught Geography with large wooden puzzle maps. Science and nature stimulates child's discovery projects, experiments and exploration of outdoor environment. Creative arts and crafts allow for self expression and fine motor development. Music highlights listening skills, ear training, rhythmic movement, singing and the creation of music. The practitioners implement clear, principled approach and use effective assessments from the child's first days in a setting to the end of the Early Years.

About the Qualification:
Roots IVY Montessori Programme

The Roots IVY Montessori Programme is a framework used by Roots IVY Thematic Montessori to ensure pedagogy and the curriculum is consistent with the student progression thus sponsoring teaching and learning on international standards, delivered locally and accepted globally.
It sets out to celebrate the uniqueness, strengths, interests and personalities of every child. Support to positive relationship development is ensured. Identification of appropriate steps for child's learning; development along with achievements of milestones in learning and enabling environment is part of the IVY Philosophy.