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Roots IVY Lower Secondary School

The Secondary Level is the middle or elementary school level offering continuous education through grade 6 and grade 7. Secondary level is the most comprehensive and unique elementary school qualification; thus preparing Roots IVY students for their international/national examinations offered through the University of London Ed-excel or the University of Cambridge International examinations UK and/ or FBISE/BISE Matric examination.

About the Qualification:
Roots IVY Lower Secondary Program

The Roots IVY has been developed by the experts and subject leads from the DQCA Department of Quality Curriculum and Assessments at Roots IVY which has been established on the same lines as the QCA department of UK and Wales. The RLSP has been bench marked against international curricula. Subject wise curriculums are developed in house and are vertically and horizontally aligned. Roots IVY Lower Secondary Programme has been created to support teaching and learning in years prior to IGCSE, O levels and Matriculation.

Roots IVY is the Lower Secondary Programme which is based on curriculum of English, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Islamiyat & Urdu that are stimulating for both students and teachers. Urdu, Islamiyat and Social Studies are taught with our national perspective using international teaching strategies. The knowledge and skills that will be developed can ensure a smooth transition from secondary to higher national/ international qualifications. The age level is 11-13 years for this qualification.

About the Curriculum:
Roots IVY Lower Secondary Curriculum

Roots IVY Lower Secondary Curriculum offers a curriculum framework for educational success for learners, typically 11-14 years old. The Roots IVY curriculum has following main characteristics:

1. Identifies a set of learning objectives for English, Mathematics, Science Geography, History, Islamiyat & Urdu for each year of Lower Secondary education.

2. Provides natural progression from primary education through the two years of lower secondary education.

3. Provides a structure that focuses on what students should be able to do at the end of each stage.

3. Provides excellent preparation for candidates progressing to Matric, IGCSE or O level courses.

4. Provides assessments for continuous monitoring of student's academic progress.

About Examination, Assessment and Progression System

A systematic and regular method of evaluation of the student's progress in all fields of the educational activities has been adopted and a consolidated record of the student is maintained. The medium of instruction is English with due emphasis on Maths, Science, Urdu, History, Geography and Islamiat. Monthly assessments and terminal examinations are based on two terms being taken at this level. Secondary levels offers a gateway to the Roots 'O' level, IGCSE level or the local matriculation examinations; with focus on strong academic foundation at such important years through developing an aptitude towards inquiry and concept base learning at each school level.