Roots IVY International Schools
at Oxford Royale Academy

Welcome to Roots IVY International Flagship Campus

Roots IVY International Schools at Oxford Royale Academy

Roots IVY International Schools is pleased to establish an exclusive partnership with the highly esteemed Oxford Royale Academy creating new avenues of success, growth and learning for our dynamic and vibrant student body.

About ORA:

Oxford Royale Academy (ORA) is one of the UK's leading providers of international summer school programmes for students aged 13-18. ORA has been providing study programmes of the highest quality for over ten years. Students sleep, eat and study at some of the most distinguished locations in Oxford and around the UK. This gives the students the rare opportunity to experience the magic of life as a student in some of the most inspiring cities in the world.

ORA Awards and Accreditations:

Oxford Royale Academy has received a number of awards that recognize their dedication to the highest standards of education, service and safety. This year, ORA was honoured once again by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, as they were awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the International Trade category for the second time. You can find more information about this, and other awards and accreditation, click here ...

Roots IVY @ ORA:

Every year, ORA runs a prestigious scholarship programme, designed to support high-achieving students in their ambitions to study abroad, and to make sure that their programmes are accessible to students from every corner of the world. As part of the scholarship programme, ORA receives a large number of applications from students at Roots IVY International Schools every year, and are always greatly impressed by the standard of the applications they receive from this premium institution. As a result of this, ORA has introduced an exclusive scholarship programme dedicated to students at Roots IVY International Schools, so that they can welcome as many students as possible from Roots IVY to study at the esteemed Oxford and Cambridge in the summer.

A Life-Changing Experience:

The international nature of the summer school gives students the chance to meet and establish contact with students from all over the world, coming from all sorts of different backgrounds, and all bringing their own experiences to the table. The objective is that students will start to develop an international outlook, building networks across the globe and expanding their engagement with the world outside of their own understanding.

Intellectual Vitality:

This summer school programme is designed to challenge students, aiming to push them out of their academic comfort zones and develop their understanding of the subjects they choose to follow. To this end, ORA has developed their very own teaching and other course materials, tailored closely to the particular needs of Roots IVY students, and to give them a first-class educational experience.


Roots IVY and Oxford Royale Academy signs an MOU:

With the sucessful launch and execution of the Pilot Project "Roots IVY at Oxford Royale Academy" in the summer of 2017, where 45 students and 3 chaperons of Roots IVY Schools participated in the dynamic 10-day residential program at Cambridge and Oxford, both highly esteemed institutions have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Roots IVY @ ORA 2018 Summer Programme. As per this programme, more than 100 high-achieving students aged between 13-18 years will be spending their summer at ORA and engage in multidisciplinary education, learning, and excursion activities. The participating students will be offered partial scholarships by ORA, a matter of great honour and achievement for students of Roots IVY.

Register for the Summer Program:

In order to make an application for one of ORA’s dedicated Roots IVY International Schools scholarships, or for further information about the registration process, please contact Roots IVY administration.